Innovative Portable Forge Bonding™ Solutions From Forge Tech

The "welding with air" technology known as Forge Bonding is the best way to make repairs and strengthen your tanks, valves, pipelines, and other equipment with no need for hot work, preventing the necessity of shutting down and keeping your entire team much safer. Click below to find out more.

What We Can Do For You

Specializing in all aspects of both routine and emergency on-line leak sealing and repair, even on an on-call basis. Our team here at Forge Tech always delivers cost competitive solutions using experienced teams that are focused on performance and safety. On every job, large or small, we operate under five basic service principles: Safety First. Competitive Pricing. Engineered Documented Solutions. Regulatory Compliance. Effective Response Every Time.

Engineered solutions for Above Ground Storage Tanks (AST). Roof, shell and floor repairs on-line without process interruption.

Cost effective solution for repair and managing emissions through the installation of a permanent maintenance service port.

Safer, stronger and more consistent studs than conventional methods installed using our patented portable forge bonding system.

24/7 on-call services for routine and emergency on-line leak sealing. Technical support delivered by an experienced team.

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One of the biggest parts of being on the forefront of such an innovative and revolutionary technology that can assist with so many companies issues within the industry, such as our portable forge bonding solutions, is being the ones to educate everyone on how incredible they can be, and we make it very easy for you to learn all about it. Simply click the button below, fill out the info, and get access to our library of forge bonding material.

Who is Forge Tech?

Our mission is to deliver work-site metal fabricating systems that provide “hot work” strength and reliability, but with “cold work” safety and process flexibility. Our vision is focused on developing safe and portable metal joining technologies to better accomplish additions and enhancements along with various repair and maintenance activities. Click below to learn more about us.

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4 Reasons Why Forge Bonding is Safe

Forge Bonding is a “welding with air” technology that avoids hot work by performing high-strength bonds with minimal thermal energy so that you never have to interrupt operations to make repairs. No ignition source is created and the automated machine used to perform the bond guarantees the thermal energy will never approach ignition levels. On…

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How Forge Bonding Saved 3 Clients Millions

The cost of taking a tank out of service is often high, and in this article, I’m going to share with you 3 examples where Forge Bonding cut costs by millions (90% or more) for clients. Having to take a tank out of service, especially during an unplanned outage, is a process that easily costs…

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The Forge Bonding Process

Make repairs to storage tanks and other equipment with a metal joining process that eliminates hot work, bringing safety and tremendous cost and time savings to your facility. The process is friction welding which was invented in the 1950’s and is used in many industries today.  But, friction welding machines are typically in the form…

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