Leak Sealing Services

On-Line Industrial Leak Sealing Solution

Forge Tech, Inc. offers routine and emergency leak sealing for online repair of Process, Water and Steam leaks. In addition, we offer composite wrap services and concrete coatings and restoration.

We strive to provide the most cost effective and reliable leak repair solutions.
Whether it is a band clamp repair, a composite or wire wrap of a flance or bonnet, an engineered clamp/enclosure or a custom engineered solution, we offer the right repair the first time to solve your problem and eliminate down time.

Leak Sealing Services On-Line

Since 2011, we have created groundbreaking and patented industrial leak sealing technology with Forge Bonding and we consistently provide these solutions with the highest level of service to customers around the world. We deliver value in three primary ways:

1. We Enable Our Clients to Keep Assets Earning

The priority for every industrial plant is to stay on-line. At FTI, we help you maximize up-time by sealing leaks on-line, on-site and under pressure. This means your assets will keep producing 'product' while we solve your leak problems. We will save time, energy and -most importantly- save you money. All this, while simultaneously reducing emission levels, erosion damage, and improving plant safety.

2. We Deliver High Quality, Innovative Solutions

FTI utilizes multiple ISO-9001 certified machine shops and fabrication facilities. Customers draw on our experience in engineering, design and manufacturing to assure that all recommended and executed repairs reach the highest standards in quality, value and safety.

3. We Protect the Environment

At FTI, we take our joint commitment to protect the environment seriously. Our solutions maintain the integrity of your process systems. We keep your systems on-line, reducing the amount of harmful and polluting fugitive emissions released into the atmosphere. Our goal is to extend the life of your plant components. Our 'repair rather than replace' approach enables you to avoid the unnecessary re-manufacturing and replacement of equipment.

Composite Wrap Services

Our Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical Clients look to FTI to provide professional installers and proven procedures to wrap, repair and restore process lines in a broad range of sizes, pressures and temperatures.

The products and processes we use reduce facility down time, increase safety and are more cost effective than the shut downs associated with traditional process line replacement.

The structural safety forms a pipe around a pipe, and each successive wrap increases the pressure rating. Its bidirectional weave allows for strength in both the hoop and axial directions experiencing little or no creep properties over time, ensuring that there is no reduction in strength.

The Composite Wrap low profile repair can be installed on tees, elbows, straight runs of pipe, confined spaces and irregular surfaces that require structural reinforcement or leak containment. The adhesive properties of the epoxy allow wrap systems to be applied to most substrates.

Our clients rely on us to manage engineered repairs, process reinforcement, corrosion, pin-holes, dents and bends.


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